Initial Point assists ambitious companies in growing market share and achieving profitability via the proper implementation of effective business practices and systems.

Dave's Thoughts on Innovation and Technology:

Grow your business and launch new technologies — with a strategy.

33% of businesses fail in the first two years of existence. 56% fail within four years according to the SBA. Businesses that don't last five years fail due to changing market conditions and management issues. What does it take to be in the few fortunate 44%? What can you do to avoid the pitfalls that cause the vast majority of organizations to fail?

When you compare the companies that are successful against the companies that fail, you see some common characteristics. These characteristics separate the winners from the losers in the tough competitive business environment of today.

What does it take to make privately held high technology firms successful?

Great execution in four areas:

  1. Strong management and leadership
  2. Winning marketing plans
  3. Technology that delivers what the customer wants and needs
  4. Proper use of capital including raising capital

Initial Point can provide services to help you better develop those four areas. To take the first step in growing your technology company, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .